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A company is only as good as the products it puts out on the market and the ways it chooses to do so. Stylepoint takes concrete steps to contribute to a social, healthy and prosperous society.

CSR vision

Stylepoint considers societal interaction and common well-being essential for the long-term survival of the organization. Consequently, we also want to be part of a responsible society. In order to be able to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities, we developed values for a healther, safer and more comfortable living and working environment. Through this, we also increase competitiveness.


Recently, initiatives and measures have gradually been taken and further developed in relation to CSR. The aim is to optimise the relationships between those environmental, social and economic aspects on which the organization has influence.

Level of ambition

Our company management has determined to gradually increase the CSR level within its organization. With every decision, we investigate what the effects are on environmental and social fields and how these can be positively influenced. 



Stylepoint has a reputation of conducting business with honesty and integrity. A good reputation is as valuable as our employees, our suppliers and our brands and products. Stylepoint strives to provide insight to its activities and decisions that have an influence on the environment and society by developing a sustainability report. Our brief but clear principles and rules of conduct are more than just a handful of words and play an important role in our day-to-day business practice. Every employee must follow and support these principles.

Following the law

Stylepoint and its employees are obliged to abide by Dutch and international laws and regulations.


Stylepoint is committed to obtaining and maintaining diversity among its employees, in a working environment where these is mutual trust and respect, and where everyone feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company. We recruit new employees solely based on the qualifications and abilities needed for the work to be performanced. It is our aim to help develop and improve the skills and abilities or our employees. Through information and consultation procedures, we ensure adequate communication at company level.

Social environment

Annually, Stylepoint supports various global social projects. One of these is the Stylepoint Foundation.


As a European purchaser, we set demands towards our producers and suppliers. We continuously and cautiously observe the following sustainability aspects: 

  • In the production process, no child labour or disguised slavery is used.
  • Employees are not discriminated.
  • All suppliers follow the laws of their countries.
  • All suppliers adhere to environmental regulations.
  • The suppliers provide us information on the composition of their products through documentation.
  • The suppliers allow us, or an acknowledged party to perform control on the adherence of our codes of conduct.


The environment

Due to the position of our business, we can only pay a small role relating to environmental issues. Still, we strive to be conscious about the use of packaging and printing of documents by using exclusively recycled printing paper and packaging materials (if available).


Stylepoint believe in firm but fair competition. Stylepoint employees shall always act in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all applicable regulations.

Corporate integrity

Our accounting records and supporting documents must accurately represent and describe the nature of underlying transactions. No non-registered invoices, funds or assets will be created or kept. Not a single employee is allowed to offer, give or receive gifts or payments. Each and every request or offer must be declined immediately and reported to management.

Conflict of interest

All Stylepoint employees are expected to avoid personal activities and financial interests that might be in conflict with their responsibilities within the company.


The management is responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of these principles and rules of conduct; that they recognise the rules of conduct and their importance, and comply with them.