The trend spilled over from the United States, is the one of dispenser systems in retail. Stylepoint is responding to this with the sale of Rosseto dispensers to not only the catering industry, but also retailers.

In the United States they are already making use of dispenser systems a lot to sell dry food. This is the best way to offer products unpacked and also a good way of reduce the cost price and the selling price at the same time. In addition dispenser systems are very customer-friendly because customers can determine their own portions. This system provides benefits to retailers, customers and the environment.

Benefits of bulk sales

The Portland State University has done research to ‘bulk food departments’ and concluded that there are multiple reasons why consumers prefer ‘bulk’ buy:

Cost savings
Retailers are lowering costs by offering unpacked products and therefore the costs for consumers will be lower. The price of packed products turned out to lie around 89% higher compared to unpacked products according to the Portland State University research.

Freedom of choice
With the use of dispenser systems retailers give customers the opportunity to determine the desired quantity and composition. Customers will experience a higher service level.

Conscious buyers will understand that dispenser systems contribute to a sustainable society. This means retailers can aim to a new target group. According to research is in the Netherlands 15% of the population part of the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) group. This group is consciously choosing for a healthy, natural and sustainable lifestyle. In Germany this percentage of the population is even higher with 25% and still rising.

This group is characterized by good education, bigger spending limit, focus on quality and very self-conscious. They want to know what they eat and garish commercial expressions do not have a positive effect on their perception.

Sustainable business is hot topic and dispenser systems can help retailers apply. Through the transparent boxes it gets a natural look and feel, and it becomes an attractive shelf in stores. By placing the systems close to the fresh food department retailers create an extra feeling at customers of fresh and natural products.

Stylepoint is helping retailers with total solutions. Whether it is complete walls with dispensers, separate dispensers, wall fixed dispensers or in a display (gondola system). Stylepoint offers retailers the solution.

Accurate portions brings efficiency. Smart design makes it easy to clean. The patented SCOOP-It and EZ-SERV ® soft silicon scoop wheel reduces damage to the product and a large care sheet keeps the environment clean. 

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