The trends for the set table in 2017? We have listed them together for you.

It is in our genes, we at Stylepoint are always looking for new hip and functional articles and features  to pleasant surprise our clients. To be informed of the latest developments regarding catering trends, we have contacts within trendsetting cities all over the world.

The latest trends and articles are always the first to be found in our 450m2 showroom in Utrecht. Below we give a few trends for next year!

Trends in porcelain



The presentation of dishes is becoming increasingly important. A plate with embossed provides a nice contrast and has a natural look. In 2016 we introduced a line of plates with embossed. At first people questioned or choice, but now we get questions from all over for more plates off this line and the trend is set.

Guests are paying more and more attention to details and will appreciate it when you do that as well. Besides that, the natural feel of plates with embossed contributes to the experience of guests when it comes to eating healthy and natural food.

Hand-made and natural


Back to basic is a trend which we see coming back in many facets of life. Natural and hand-made products will be appreciated, tell a story, radiate luxury and feel purely. Perfect to present your dishes on and give them just that little bit of extra.

As can be seen on the pictures, we are going back to nature in presentation and dishes. The Bluzone2go; a concept based on food from the blue zones of this world, healthy and pure nature, had a trial with the plates with a brilliant result. Also the natural colors in tableware make your dishes even more luxurious and feeling more natural. Think of granite, shades of brown and grey, but also the mother of Pearl gives that natural feeling. Something you will find for granted in our new Q Authentic Raw line.

Presentation concept


The presentation concept began with articles of wood and stainless steel. Currently all the way in are articles in copper. The trend of the presentation concept is far from fully developed. Just as in porcelain the presentation concept will be more hand-made, natural and robust.

We also see that the ‘sharing principle’ is getting more and more feed to the ground. Small dishes, or big shelves full of snacks, we share both with each other. Many top chefs are responding to this and we offer beautiful items for this principle. Think of galvanized buckets, trains and bowls, or pans of enamel.

Bamboo fibre – the new melamine

Bamboo Fibre

The most environmentally friendly, beautiful and strong alternative to melamine. Bamboo is fully biodegradable, unlike melamine and thereby not environmental pollution.

It is in our opinion the perfect eco-friendly replacement for the Gastronome baking melamine buffet-style, which is nowadays used very much. In addition it has a beautiful and natural look.

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Picture Credits: TheBluzone2go