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Stylepoint is a specialized importer of tableware items like china, glassware and cutlery. Stylepoint provides among others, catering establishments with a carefully selected distribution network. Over the past years Stylepoint has built up a trutsworthy and very stable reputation offering strong brands , a wide range of products and a service-oriented trading method.

Stylepoint News

  • Meet our ceramic technician

    2018-05-01 08:01:51
    Martin is a real morning person, he starts his day early (at 4:30 am!). At 6:30 in the morning he starts in the studio. The first thing he does is emptying the test oven, to see how the tests came out. This is a surprise every time.
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  • The trend spilled over from the United States, is the one of dispenser systems in retail. Stylepoint is responding to this with the sale of Rosseto dispensers to not only the catering industry, but also retailers.
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  • 4 Trends for the set table

    2016-09-22 12:29:02
    The trends for the set table in 2017? We have listed them together for you.
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